mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

Sim free for 3 months if you stick to the stage Betha

Metacosmo, the new platform-3D MADE IN ITALY, has come to phase two of his trial.
After months of testing, developers have chosen to offer the ability to test for 3 months, the product in the package including SIM FREE and Import (photos, files, gesture, poses, animations, etc. ..) FREE.

The offer is valid from today (25th - January 2012) until February 15, 2012.
The offer is addressed to:
Creators (scripters, builders, artists, poser, set designers, sculptors);
Owner (sim owners artistic, educational, recreational, business);
Developers (for participating in the development of the new metaverse);
Other (photographers, musicians, film makers, fashion designers).

Anyone interested in testing phase Betha this world ,must:
For all:
Send mail to: alicemastroianni (at)
Subject of email: I WOULD LIKE A FREE SIM on Metacosmo
Text: Indicate from what world you come; slurl or any link to see what you are doing at present, indicate the purpose or project that you want to try out, stating if you will be follow by a community and about how many people will be (note the entrance is reserved at this stage we can not bring 100 people with us), indicate the email and nick name with which you will subscribe.

The SIM are available to a limited number.
The emails will be all taken into account in the order of arrival and the project that you want to achieve.

For Developers
Send mail to: alicemastroianni (at)
indicate in the subject: I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF Metacosmo
Text: Indicate the operating systems used, such as collaborative development projects, a brief description of what you would like to achieve.

What asks in return Metacosmo staff?
Developers Metacosm ask you simply to inform in case of outages or bugs or problems found; to suggest modifications or tools that are useful, to propose changes or deletions of services deemed unnecessary. In short, to recommend how to make the metaverse for you.

What happens after 3 months?
At the end of 3 months you can:
agree with the creators of Metacosmo how to continue your collaboration for free;
require saving all your work to be able to import into other worlds and go away:
buy the sim Metacosmo depending on the proposed offers;
buy the client for develop your world (step Beth);
to define more directly with the creators.

For any doubt or curiosity Metacosmo staff is always ready to respond.

I've already opened my WDT Planet of Metacosm.

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