mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012


Hi all, I am here to invite you to attend a charity event,

Lapsus is in a difficult situation, He has many problems of cash, also for bread and milk! (for more info read here or continue reading below..).

In 2009, with the auction of avatars, by “Fondazione Pangea”, we collected 1200,00 €, only in two evenings so we have helped many women in the world, we-all together, avatars of Second Life!

After so long time we have to review the format and try again, now not for a non-profit organization, not for something or someone who lives on the other side of the world, but for our neighbor, an avatar like us, a man of this third millennium that needs our help.

For the fund-raising we want advertise a charity auction, WE WANT PUTTING UP FOR AUCTION AVATARS AND THEIR MASTERY


The auctions are 2:
Avatar auction: Avatars will provide their creations or abilities

GdR Avatar auction: Avatars (with GdR skill) will sell their time and their experience


NO sexual performance, NO enslave, NO torture.. ECT

The avatars, available for put themselves up for auction, must guarantee their presence, unless mandatory RL problems.

Linden dollars will be immediately converted into Euro (by paypal) and then they sent to Danilo Curci (by bank transfer).

Avatar will spend its second life time with buyer; each avatar will use its abilities: building, photo editing, scripting, tour of the most beautiful land of SL, image editor, Personal Styler, counsellor shooping, newbie assistance, have a good chat and/or keep somebody company.

The performance will be agreed between buyer and purchased.

The Organization does not accept responsibility in case of no satisfaction, because this event is a charity auction, non-commercial.

To join the avatar auction contact:
Fiona Saiman in SL

Sergej Zarf in SL or facebook

Viola Tatham in SL or facebook

Morghana Savira in SL or facebook

Alice Mastroianni in SL or Alice Alberta Cittone in facebook

Dada Mhia in SL or facebook

Trisha Abbot in SL or facebook

Tani Thor in SL or facebook

To join the GdR avatar auction contact:

Eretika in SL or face book

Thor Hamelin in SL

Raunen Umaga in SL or Facebook

The auctions will be in February: potential days will be Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
Other events for fundraising:
* Music Event non-stop (contact EddieGuitarDagger Sheryffe)
* Second-Hand Market (contact Fiona Saiman – Morghana Savira)
* Theatrical Performance of Wandering Rose

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